Friday, 24 January 2014

Enge En Vijai by Sujatha

Enge En Vijai is another different novel by Sujatha. You can preview this novel here and read online / download this if you like. But as you know the novel will be go tastiest only if we go deep inside it. Has to read atleast two chapters to get enthu in the novel :) :)

For Read online / Download this Sujatha's novel: click here

Preview Pages:
(I have zoomed the preview images. But the book will be in good clarity)

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  1. hai nice work.
    anyway novel in this blog are in which font?if you have unique code format kindly send it for me. or tell me the font so I can convert it through pongutamil. and friends I have en iniya endhira and pirivom sandhipom 2 parts in unique code. if anybody want mail to